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Steve D, Infor

Increase productivity, prospect conversion, and project success

Improve your team's ability to get things done, your sales people's ability to close, and your ability to lead effectively.

When you provide your members and teams with this level of professional development, everyone is empowered and happier. They are more confident and have less uncertainty because they have a repeatable, proven process for communicating. You will get more done, do it faster, and make people happier.

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Ready, Aim, Speak™

is a presentation system based on academic research for business leaders and other professionals - part of Mark Kretschmar's passionate pursuit to end bad business presentations. Learn More

Presentation skills specifically for engineers. Using engineering concepts and approaches so engineers instantly understand and apply what they discover about presentation methods. Learn More

Everyday conversations are slowing down your business - it's invisible because you're not looking for it. Difficult conversations, conflict management, conversations for action. Supercharge your team. Learn More

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