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Communication Planning and Contracting

"Mark’s work displays creative ideas driven by business goals. His work shows he is a strategic thinker using his solid understanding of business, industry and company to develop effective promotions. Mark’s results are enhanced by his excellent organizational and writing skills."

Cindy Schmeig, ABC, IABC Fellow, Professor and Communications Consultant

organizational communication training

From Strategy to Execution to Measurement: Communication Plans That Work

Your effective communication plan or marketing plan starts with your business goals and strategy. What part does communication play? The communication strategy is designed to acheive measureable communication results which are determined to support the larger organzational goals. Concrete communication goals are determined and measurement methods establshed. Specific tactics are designed to meet the goals. All this is done within the established budget for the campaign.

Training, consulting, and contract work can be customized for you and your organization's specific needs.

Communication Planning 101

A fundamental overview of the communication planning process. You and your team can take these basic techniques and outlines and start creating your own communication plans.


90-Minute training session to any size group

Create a Communication Plan

We will work with you and your team to create a basic plan outline for a specific campaign.


3-4 Hour session working together to outline a plan for a specific campaign. Follow-up sessions can be scheduled to check progress and help with any problem areas.

Turnkey Contract Work

Turn the whole project over to us we'll develop a plan to hit your goals.