Avoid losing prospects and slowing down your business
because your presentation skills don't measure up to your other business skills.

Ready, Aim, Speak™

"In a single hour Mark Kretschmar gives more actionable techniques for immediate use in making impactful presentations than are typically learned from years of study."

Steve D., Infor

"Since consulting with Mark I have made several changes to my presentation, and in a short amount of time it has already paid off. I would highly recommend Mark and his services to anyone looking to improve their communication expertise!"

Eli, Re-Max

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Ready, Aim, Speak™

The Right Message, Delivered Skillfully

Uncover Presentation Skills That Make A Difference

Ready, Aim, Speak Basics (Change is Possible)

For your entire team or company. Uncover the fundamental keys to presentation success and the common, rampant errors made by everyone else. The bar is set so low for most business presentations, it’s not hard to stand apart from the competition. Leave with a repeatable process template for effective presentation design and delivery. Using the approach outlined here, your presentation skills can change.


45-60 Minute Lunch and Learn Style to any size group

Half-Day Power Workshop (Impactful)

For your entire team or company. Learn the theory, the how-to, and the exactly-how-to for engaging the audience and achieving your desired outcomes. Content includes the Ready, Aim, Speakā„¢ process with concepts and exactly-how-to for understanding your audience, having an emotional impact, selecting the best content and leaving the rest behind, delivering effectively using neuroscience and best practices. Leave with a template and a solid start on your next presentation which you will develop during the workshop. This will have a noticable impact on your presentation skills.


Half-Day for any number of attendees

Two-Day Master Class (Transformative)

For only 10 people maximum. Learn about audience analysis, achieving outcomes, selecting content and delivering it effectively with confidence and authority as you practice speaking skills. Not just your content and graphics, but how to use your hands, feet, and voice as an asset rather than something that too often gets in the way. Video-recorded snippets will reveal the progress your team makes during the two day master class. This will transform the way you present.


Two-Days with a maximum of 10 people

Application Mentoring (Mastery)

Let's work together on a specific, important presentation or on your personal presentation style. Together we'll apply Ready, Aim,Speak principles and make this a memorable, effective presentation as you master the techniques of a skilled presenter.


2-3 two-hour sessions.

Engineering Speak™: An Engineering Approach to Creation and Delivery of Presentations

Engineers have a unique view on the world and the data they have gathered from it. When presenting to an audience, this view can interfere with the audience connection necessary to be persuasive and effective. In this workshop, the Ready, Aim, Speak™ approach is crafted into engineering language and familiar engineering concepts and viewpoints. Engineers learn to make design and delivery decisions with processes they use everyday. Suddenly, a presentation isn't a mysterious thing, but something engineers can engage in with a comfortable familiarity and a repeatable process, just like everything else they do..

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1-hour to full-day training session to any size group

Meaningful Charts and Graphs

If your content is data heavy, charts and graphs are the way to go. These can be powerful communication tools to drive home your carefully crafted message. They can also be powerfully bewildering and of little use if poorly designed. Based on the work of Yale Ph.D. and Harvard professor Edward Tufte, this training session addresses common design mistakes that obscure your data and limit your impact.


45-90 Minute training session to any size group

If PowerPoint Were A PowerSaw, You'd Be Missing Fingers

So many otherwise good presentations have been ruined by using PowerPoint. This entertaining presentation exposes and destroys the demons lurking within PowerPoint and shows you how to overcome them, even though Microsoft built them into the heart of the program (yes, PowerPoint has an evil heart, but like Darth Vader, "it still has good in it").

No more death by PowerPoint. You can wield it for good with just a few uncovered secrets in this workshop.


45-60 Minute Lunch and Learn Style to any size group