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Persuasive Presenting

" Since consulting with Mark I have made several changes to my presentation, and in a short amount of time it has already paid off. I would highly recommend Mark and his services to anyone looking to improve their communication expertise!"

Eli, Re-Max

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The Right Message, Delivered Skillfully

Presenting effectively is possible for most everyone, but it requires many things to come together: topic, organization, language, nonverbals, presence, appropriate use of slides etc. It is not as daunting as it sounds; you can do this. There are proven strategies and approaches to all of these things that help ensure success.

Your presentation must have the right message components that will resonate with your audience. Understanding your audience and how they perceive the world around them will enable you to really connect with them through the right message.

You can deliver that message effectively when you're confident and authentic.

You and/or your team can learn the fundamental skills of presenting with confidence and effective presentation design. We can also work with you on a specific presentation.

Training, consulting, and coaching can be customized for you and your organization's specific needs.

A sampling of topics

Presentation Engineering: An Engineering Approach to Creation and Delivery of Presentations

Engineers have a unique view on the world and the data they have gathered from it. When presenting to an audience, this view can interfere with the audience connection necessary to be persuasive and effective. This course, especially for technical personnel, approaches a presentation as an engineering problem. Engineers learn to make design and delivery decisions with processes they use everyday. Suddenly, a presentation isn't a mysterious thing, but something engineers can engage in with a comfortable familiarity.

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1-hour to 8-hour training session to any size group

Presenting with Confidence and Authenticity

Being confident when presenting is not the opposite of presenting without fear. It's about understanding that energy you often identify as fear and learning to work with it as a partner rather than fight it as an enemy. When you've practiced that, it's easier to be yourself rather than trying to be an orator. That authenticity will help you connect with your audience which is where impact happens.


1-hour to 3-hour training session to any size group

Stimulation By Power Point

The opposite of "death by Power Point" (a fate we've all experienced). Slideware is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and having an impact - when used properly. Unfortunately, the default templates lead you down a path you and your audience do not want to travel.

This training session provides the basic concepts that separate the death-wielding techniques from the stimulating techniques of slide design. You will see before and after examples that make it clear how a slideshow can enhance or ruin a presentation.


90-Minute training session to any size group

Meaningful Charts and Graphs

If your content is data heavy, charts and graphs are the way to go. These can be powerful communication tools to drive home your carefully crafted message. They can also be powerfully bewildering and of little use if poorly designed. Based on the work of Harvard Ph.D. Edward Tufte, this training session addresses common design mistakes that obscure your data and limit your impact. Unfortunately, the default chart settings in Excel are less than ideal.


90-Minute training session to any size group

Designing Your Important Presentation

We can help you design your presentation for a specific event.